by Bi

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released March 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Bi Cincinnati, Ohio

Bi are a two-piece grunge band from Cincinnati, Ohio (via Jasper, Indiana and Zacatecas, Mexico). J (bass) and Duende (drums) take the two-piece structure to its limit. Don't let the "grunge" label fool you--This is not a 90s retread. It is fresh in ways you won't see coming until you hear them play. Loud in all the right ways, finely honed in all the others. ... more

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Track Name: Orca
you let all the demons in
petrified of what may be happening

citizen put down your crimson sword
hate's too much to afford

you let all the pent up rage
marinate and it ferments with age
oh what a bitter taste
you leave on the impending strain

citizen put down your crimson sword
tread lightly over us kin slayed on the floor
hate has fueled another civil war
Track Name: Cliffs
look my way i could use the energy
distract my attention from everything
i can't take this war inside my barrier
make my deprived world a little easier

turn it up

dominate my presence i'm yours to keep
touch my skin unleash the inner me

turn it up bring down the house rock in the night
turn me up and i'll be alright
Track Name: Hare
the sun is set
the stars don't even twinkle in the
clouded murky sky
stable ground
the cold air drifts surrounding me for
miles and miles and miles and miles


the silence teaches how to be
content with what you are
stranded here
it's not always completely dark
there's always light to find your way out
Track Name: Tundra
holidays are here to make a false attempt to tame our greediness
buy more care less about the things we do or how it affects you
why the fuss it seems to make a happiness that fills our loving homes
if you just take a step back see what lies beneath the surface

fabrications everywhere
but we are blind by the glare

social norms are here to make tradition stable for one-tracked minds
you're paralyzed by fear of straying from your comfort zone
Track Name: Musk Ox
slip on down to my side speak of your trials
whisper into my ear and while you're here

i'll let you in on the secrets haunting me
a ghost persists in the night
i'll let you in on what makes my being tick
so cynical and contrite

step on up to my level stick with me if you are able
fill my lungs with your scent let me in on your sweet sentiment
Track Name: Snow Leopard
once upon a time ago
a magical project glowed from hopes alone
the sirens sang their tempting song
but now we know what creeps below the ground we're on

time goes still
then it ticks and tocks away
all your opportunities 'til there's nil

days in daze
the enticing circus invites us
to partake in their sonic rage

wrapped in all transparent gold
shivering from the cold
Track Name: King Crab
i walk in the mud
to wash off the city crud
prepared for the flood

consumed in the green
among the mysterious boletes
i'm starting to hear
the starved leaves fall from the trees

i'm sick and tired of florescent beams
the artificially shine over me
light pollution as far as naked eyes can see

construction zones emissions taint the air
too many chemicals for one to care
the constant racket and bickering about the man
that's beyond repair
Track Name: Valley
truth be told you're getting cold
bend the rules and break the mold

can you come down off your pedestal
meet me on the ground

high and low my search has grown
set to find the friend i knew before

can you come down off your pedestal
meet me on the ground where you belong

come down
Track Name: Cave
take my possessions away
make my security shake

when i wake up at the bottom of this cave
i'll still be sane

fake me into confusion
break me into this city scape

when i hit rock bottom of this cave
i'll still be sane
pitch black space i'll find the daytime rays
i'm unphased

spiraling down i hit the bottom of this cave
but i'm still sane